Instead of moving along and remembering that tweens have really, really short attention spans, the Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney struck back at Beliebers who got pissed when he said Justin Bieber didn't deserve any Grammys.

And it's kind of simultaneously hilarious and pathetic.

Some backstory: TMZ cameras caught Carney and asked him if he thought Bieber should have been nominated for any Grammys. He said no, and to be happy with his cash.

This led to a Twitter war, and Carney has now broken out the equivalent of espionage and nukes.

Basically, Carney trolled the crap out of Beliebers and showed no sign of stopping.

While we can appreciate the humor -- seriously, who deserves a Grammy for rapping about swag and fondue? -- it does come off as a little desperate. Carney usually acts like his band is above it all, which implies that he should be above this, too.