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Father’s Day Gifts You Can STILL Get
So, it's 5 P.M. and after dinner, we all know what happens, GIFTS!
Don't be that person who literally brings nothing to the table (unless you legit can't).
Here are 3 quick and easy gifts that no one may even notice you did them last minute:
Old Rochester Kids and Parents Gear Up For Survival Week
It’s been a part of growing up in Mattapoisett, Marion and Rochester since 1973.  Generations of Old Rochester Junior High School students have braved the elements in order to discover nature, to learn basic survival skills in the wilderness, and to bond with their classmates in…
DJKs Summer Coffee Tour: Mirasol’s Café [VIDEO]
Dartmouth - MA
Now, I first wrote about this shop in a blog titled "Preparing for Tomorrow: A Day Without Starbucks", if you want a detailed rundown of the shop, including menu options and such, here is that article: Mirasol's Overview
BUT now, it's time for the good s…

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