Oreo has been putting out some "interesting" flavors recently...some good, some, eh, not so much.

Actually, I was in the cookie aisle at the store a few weeks ago and I had to take a picture of the Oreo section, because I could not believe how many varieties there actually were!!  There was a banana split flavor, peanut butter, berry burst, triple double, and of course your standards...the regular Oreos and the double stuffed ones.  Until now, the other varieties really didn't peak my interest at all.  I always just stuck with the original Oreos.

Now, they have really outdone themselves, with two AMAZING flavors!!!  A Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Oreo, and a Marshmallow Crispy Oreo, yes please!!!!  Those two flavors sound delicious!  If it wasn't 15 degrees outside right now, I might just go to the store to get these!!  Ooh, this gives me an idea....the FUN Morning Show must try these, and that's what we have interns for!  I see some new Oreo flavors heading our way real soon....you're welcome Michael and Larry :).