As we were promoting the next "Operation Clean Sweep" event, scheduled for New Bedford's Ward 4 this Saturday Morning,  I couldn't help but think of something I saw yesterday.   It was not shocking, because we've all seen this time and time again, just very sad and disappointing.   As a car pulled out of a parking lot onto the street in front of me, out of the driver's side  window came a fast-food bag, followed by an empty beverage container.   How can anyone feel good about such blatant littering?  It wasn't a child driving the car.

If there were kids in the car, what kind of example is that?  It doesn't take much searching to find a trash receptacle.   Guess it boils down to a lack of pride in out area, as well as disrespect for others who live here.   I understand area law enforcement is busy solving and preventing more serious crimes.   There are fines but I doubt that many citations are ever handed out.

So, what is the solution?   Until we think of  something we should do what ever we can to keep our little area of the world clean and neat.   A good place to start is by taking the kids and setting a positive example of community pride this Saturday morning.  "Operation Clean Sweep" kicks-off at 8:30 and New Bedford's Carney Academy.  Breakfast, lunch and tools are provided.