No matter how bad the past couple of seasons were, it's always great to welcome back the boys of summer to Fenway Park. There's something so special about Opening Day at Fenway. An entire season of hope lay in front of you like a Thanksgiving dinner ready to be eaten. We're just hoping it doesn't end like the past couple of a bout of indigestion. Instead, Red Sox fans are wishing for a nice piece of playoff pie. Playoffs have been hard to come by lately for the Sox. They haven't made the post season since 2009, and we haven't enjoyed a playoff win in these parts since 2008.

I've been lucky enough to see my fair share of opening days, one of which came during my senior year at St. John's Prep. One of my fellow classmates was lucky enough get his picture on the front page of the Boston Herald. We were all envious until the newspaper landed on the Dean of Discipline's desk. Skipping school to go to a baseball game was frowned upon.

I saw Manny Ramirez hit his first Fenway Park home run as a member of the Red Sox on Opening Day in 2001. The following year...I was right back at Fenway...sitting in the press box when the entire park was surprised by this sight:

New England Patriots Facebook

The New England Patriots were fresh off their first Superbowl win.  Right after Steven Tyler sang the National Anthem, the Patriots emerged from behind the huge American flag draped over the Green Monster.  In typical Patriots fashion, they all threw out the first pitch as a team.  Good times, good times.

So, what hopes and dreams lie ahead for the 2013 edition of the Boston Red Sox? We'll get a good sense over the next few weeks. They have a record 17 home guys scheduled in April. If they are serious contenders, they'll have to win at least 10 of those games. As we hope for the dawn of a new Red Sox era, watch the sun rise on Fenway Park this morning.