It began early in the spring, and it's now late August, and the same evil robin continues to attack our house.  First it was a couple of windows. We thought the poor thing was seeing it's reflection, thinking it was another bird, and was trying to get to it.   Then I realized that through the screen on the outside of the windows, there is no reflection.

The bird then moved on to other windows in the house, completely destroying a screen and leaving a feathery mess.  One listener was kind enough to bring me a big plastic owl.  Robins are suppoed to be afraid of them. I put the owl on the deck, and the bird did stay away for a couple of days, until he realized the owl was fake.

Then my wife told me I had to kill the bird. How? Is that even legal? Well I didn't and it's now moved on to our front door, banging in to it repeatedle every evening.  One listeners said it's beacause we have small dogs in the house.  Really?

Does Mr. Robin want to play with the dogs?   Does he want to eat them? I have captured him with my iphone camera.  As you can see in this picture, he is resting in between attacks, just staring a me. Maybe he'll fly south for the winter and forget the whole thing.  Meanwhile, he wins and my wife thinks I'm a wimp.