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We all use it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Social media is the way we communicate with each other these days and whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, for many it can become an obsessive thing.


Next month Kaley Cuoco of The Big Bang Theory is going to be gracing the cover of Cosmopolitan and even she told the magazine that she gets hooked on reading comments people post about her on social media.


She has even gone as far as to let it affect her daily routine. Saying she actively looks for comments on pictures of her and in the past when she saw some of the comments on her appearance she thought,

maybe I need to make more of an effort and not go out in my UGGs and be disgusting."

Of course when she did start to get dressed and put on makeup every time she went out in public she got comments on that too. Negative comments about liking herself too much or getting her hair done to go grab coffee had Cuoco wondering why she was reading that stuff in the first place. But as she admits,

I'm obsessed. I openly admit to being totally insane about that."

And I know she's not alone.

I'm aware that I can't even compare to Kaley Cuoco's level of attention and the number of negative comments she must sift through every day would likely have me avoiding the internet for months, but on a much smaller scale I get where she's coming from.

Seems like someone always has something negative to say and online is where they love to say it. But for whatever reason, I'll find myself reading the comments and questioning my own opinion. Crazy, right?!?

Galina Peshkova

So why do we focus on the negative comments? Why are they the ones people like to post in the first place?

Something about social media, the most impersonal way of communicating there may be, makes us have the most personal reactions.

You almost can't help but take a virtual stranger's opinion to heart, even if its just for a second. Like if you post a group photo, tag your friends and one of their friends writes about hating your haircut or your shoes.

Or maybe you openly ask for opinions on social media. A picture of an outfit you want feedback on or asking for help with something from your FB friends, people often want that feedback from social media too.

Seems like because we can have that instant feedback from hundreds of people at once we come to rely on it and in some cases become obsessed with it.

So do you get obsessed with social media and the comments it can get you? Or have you ever gone so far as to make changes about yourself based on something you read or saw on social media?