Instead of a trip to the principal's office, a terrfied 7-year-old boy was hauled out of class, handcuffed and "interrogated" by police for nearly 10 hours.

It was not for a murder or bank robbery, but over a playground dispute involving $5, his family is charging. Francis Mendez told the New York Post that her son was crying "Mommy, it wasn't me Mommy." It all began after 7 year old Wilson was accused of taking $5 from another student at the Bronx school. The money had fallen on the ground in front of Wilson and 2 other boys, and one of them scooped it up. When Wilson was accused of taking the money, there was a scuffle. Officers showed up at the school, hadcuffed and held Wilson in a room for 4 hours. They then took him to the 44th Precinct station for another 6 hours of questioning. He was released to his parents when no trace of the $5 was found on the boy.