I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Comcast for ruining a good thing. Up until yesterday, we were able to have our HD TV's pick up the regular HD TV channels, but now that has changed.

We have cable service and a regular cable box in the living room, so we are not stealing cable, just so you know. But the other TV's in the house, that already have a digital receiver built in, could get NBC, CBS, and ABC in full HD without that pesky cable box that actually downgrades the HD quality. You just scan for the channels and they appear. Not anymore.

Now, a guy in a red shirt greets us by saying, "Hey, you need a free digital converter box so you can enjoy TV," followed by a grin that makes you want to slap him. So you want me to wait in line to get a box that my HD TV already does? That's stupid. It doesn't matter Comcast. You're already feeling the wrath of Netflix, and Hulu Plus, and everyone switching over to watching TV via the internet. Good luck in the future.