If you drive on 195 this will affect YOU.  State lawmakers in Rhode Island are kicking around the idea of legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.   It was no surprise to me at all that I seemed to be the only one who had a problem with the idea.  To me, legalizing pot right up the "Rhode" in Rhode Island is too close for comfort.  Call me old fashioned, but I don't love the idea of drug users taking a ride on 195 to buy marijuana, smoke it, and then drive home on the same highway my family drives on. I know there are people who drive on drugs now, but I fear there would be an increase if this legislation is passed in Rhode Island. Right now there is no reason for someone from Dartmouth to drive all the way to Rhode Island to buy their drugs and get high. That changes if Rhode Island legalizes. I think more people would take the ride to buy it legally, then smoke it, and drive home.

I think legalization also send a terrible, irresponsible message to our kids.  Our leaders' actions are saying that there's nothing wrong with smoking marijuana.  I grew up in the Nancy Reagan "Just Say No" era.  Unfortunately, the only "No" this generation will hear is the state saying marijuana is "No Big Deal".  When states legalize marijuana, they are placing their stamp of approval on it.

Would I welcome tax revenue from dope smokers?  I sure would.  But I wonder why a drug user would pay taxes on their drugs when they can get them tax free from a dealer?  If we're looking to take money out of the wallets of drug users, why not hike up the fines for people who break the existing drug laws?

Plus, does Fall River or New Bedford REALLY need to see sights like this below? Would you like a store like this on Plymouth Ave or Acushnet Ave?

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Don't let anybody candy coat it for you.  Smoking marijuana is not going to give you an advantage in life.  It doesn't make society better or stronger.  Legalizing it is the wrong move. There will be unintended consequences.

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