McDonald's launched their Dollar Menu back in 2002, it's been responsible for about 13 percent of total sales.  But now the restaurant chain says the menu is no longer working for them. 

The nation's fast-food leader says it will rebrand the it as the "Dollar Menu and More," with $1 and $2 sandwiches and even some 5$ items.  McDonald's says the menu will be more like the neighborhood store, where the name refers to the starting price.

McDonald's plans to offer the Dollar Menu and More beginning November 4th, and begin an advertising campaign on November 11th.   The company's CEO said that the menu "gives customers a value ladder of sorts, so they now have  multiple offers at McDonald's."   He added that it will soon become impossible to sell a burger for as little as $1.  An interesting note here;  Adjusted for inflation, a one dollar item back in 2002, now costs $1.30.