A new rule handed down by the NFL will make it difficult for women to bring their things into an NFL game this coming season. The league has banned purses. 

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Over the weekend women got some bad news from the NFL. If you had planned on bringing a purse into a stadium this season, you are out of luck. The NFL has banned standard size purses from entering stadiums. Since 100% of women carry a purse, this might be a problem.

So why the ban? The NFL says that it's a safety issue, and the Boston Marathon bombings actually have a lot to do with it. All purses aren't banned, a small clutch is still allowed. They are also allowing people to bring in items in clear freezer bags, but many people don't want others to see what is in their purse. So obviously it's a privacy issue.

The NFL is standing behind the ban, and says that it will make getting through the security gate much quicker with less to go through.