Make sure you get your daily 5 servings of veggies, but don't worry about getting 6!

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images reports a new study through Harvard School of Public Health says that we don't really get any extra health benefits from eating more than 5 servings of produce a day.

After a total of 16 studies of 833,000 participants, the results showed that each serving of produce was associated with a 5% lower risk of dying from heart disease or cancer. But after 5 servings, more produce doesn't do much for you.

“The reduction in mortality plateaued at five [servings] a day, and five a day is a good target to achieve maximum health benefits in reducing mortality,” said study coauthor Frank Hu.

But fear not, kids! The study also suggests that there is no harm in over-indulging in veggies and fruits!

I'm not even sure how you can find time to eat 5 servings a day, let alone 6!