According to a new report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Massachusetts is full of binge drinkers and the Southcoast is a hot spot.

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We suppose it's something be proud of? Of the 13 counties that were surveyed for the study, counties on the Southcoast took four spots - and three in the top five. So where exactly do the good people of Bristol County rank? We're getting to that.

So makes up an excessive drinker? Someone who drinks more than four or five drinks at a single event, over the past 30 days. Thanks to St. Patrick's day, that's probably most of us.

Our first stop is the number twelve spot, an Barnstable county ( we blame Billy Teed for that). Of the over 2,000 people surveyed, 18% were excessive drinkers. After 12, it take s bit of time for getting to our next stop, Bristol County.

Bristol County comes in at number five! FIVE! Over 18,000 were surveyed, and 20% of them are considered binge drinkers. Wow.

It gets better. We also have the top two. At number two, we have Plymouth County. Were 21% of their surveyed drinkers were considered to be doing it in excess. That only leaves number one. That would be Dukes County. Almost 30% of the people asked about there drinking habits were classified as excess drinkers. Who can blame them though? Not much else to do!