It's such a relaxing time to head up to New Hampshire and Vermont as we do on a yearly basis. Clean air, fun activities, and a break from everyday working life to enjoy the mountains and the much slower pace of life.

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One day we hopped into the car and headed to Vermont to go to the Cabot cheese factory and to Ben and Jerry's. On our way back to the Loon Mountain area, we drove on Rt 112.

That's when my daughters grandfather (Pa), started to tell the story of Maura Murray, a 21 year old UMass student who disappeared on the very road we were driving on back in Feb of  2004 and has never been found.

It wasn't really spooky till we drove right by the tree where she crashed, a blue ribbon still around it (pictured above).

The story itself is haunting to say the least. She crashed, supposedly lied to a bus driver who went by about calling the cops.(there is NO cell service in this area) The bus driver went into his home, just up the road and called police and when they arrived 10 minutes later, she was gone.

The theories are endless and if you begin to watch some of the videos and blogs about it, you will be online for hours.

To this day, she is still missing, and there are no clues or leads to what has become one of the coldest cases in the country.

Check out the story, and a blog related to the incident that happened on a cold Feb day almost 10 years ago.