An exciting game at New Bedford's Paul Walsh field Saturday afternoon, and the New Bedford High School Whalers overcame Brockton's 13-point halftime lead to earn a Big 3 play-off spot.   New Bedford held on to beat the Boxers 21-19.   That means the Whalers are now 1-0 in the Big 3 and can earn a championship with a win over Fall River's Durfee High School team on Thanksgiving.   

People who were at Saturday's game are still talking about the final five minutes.  Tied at 13 each, the Whalers scored the go-ahead touchdown with a two-point conversion to take a 21-13 lead.   Then with just seconds left on the clock, Brockton scored a touchdown to bring the game within 2 points.   But, the Whalers held-off the Boxer's two point conversion attempt and earned an upset win.