As of 11 a.m. today, that's the difference in price per gallon at two Stop & Shops for regular gas.   It's $3.32 at The Stop & Shop on King's Highway in New Bedford, but at supermarket on route 6 in Fairhaven it costs $3.49 per gallon. 

I would think that the grocery chain buys it's gas from the same supplier for locations that are just a few short miles apart, but someone told me that the Fairhaven store falls in the Cape Cod district and the New Bedford Store does not.  Maybe they set the price based on average income for the immediate area, or just because we are getting to the time of year when things just cost more on Cape Cod.

What I do know is that to fill my car's 17 gallon tank with regular, it costs almost 3 dollars less to filler-up at the New Bedford store.  When your as cheap as I am, that's a lot of money.