It turns out the brawl that happened early Sunday at the Wamsutta Landing complex, was at an unlicensed after-hours club.

By the time all was said and done, 3 people had been sent to St. Lukes Hopstial in New Bedford, and another person transported to Rhode Island Hospital in Providence with a head injury. 5 people were also arrested for obstructing police. Apparently there was a birthday party going on at the club inside unit 14 at the building on Wamsutta Street when a chartered bus from Providence showed-up, carrying more than 20 people.

They had learned about the party via Facebook. When the people from the bus tried to enter the club, they were blocked and a fight broke out in the hallway. There was reportedly one shot fired during that melee. Police found a casing, but no gun. The hallway was left with bloodstains on the floor and walls.

There are also reports that people were being sold alcohol inside the unlicensed club. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the building's co-owner, said the tenant involved will be evicted.