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I find myself spending equal amounts of time driving in New Bedford and Fall River.  I visit restaurants and other businesses in the cities and I got to wondering - which city is more difficult to navigate? 

Both cities have their fair share of construction going on, and countless one way streets.  If I were to vote I would have to go with Fall River as being more difficult to navigate. First reason is just getting off 195, exits six & seven are together, and the merging traffic is crazy. Then if you get off at exit five to head to the Battleship Cove area, the construction is awful and the signage is pretty poor. If you have a GPS it doesn't even have the new bridge location, and that can get confusing!

New Bedford has its spots too. Same situation with getting off 195 to downtown, the merging traffic can be a nightmare! Even though the Route 18 construction is close to completion it is still tough to get around.

So what do you think?  Which city is more difficult to navigate, New Bedford or Fall River?  Take the poll and let your voice be heard.