This is NOT a crazy idea.  While on my recent trip to Arizona, I made a wrong turn on the way to the Grand Canyon.   I wound up on the famous Route 66, and a small town called Williams.   Much of the town is very 50's and 60's retro for those who are nostalgic about the old Route 66 highway.

But there was one other very cool thing about this small town.  It has a zip line.  You can't miss it.   I found out it just opened this past June, and during the very first week over 2,000 people paid $13 each to ride the zip line.

I understand that it would probably not be a year round attraction in this region, but we would have several months of  suitable weather.   Imagine a zip line spanning the seven hills of Fall River?   Or how about one from Downtown New Bedford to Pope's Island.   Something to think about.   An investment that may pay big dividends for Southcoast cities or towns.