This man is also guilty of not getting the point. A 46-year-old New Bedford man hit 10 parked cars and struck the picket fence outside his home before his fifth arrest for drunken driving according to New Bedford Police and Southcoast Today.

New Bedford Police

The New Bedford police report says that Joseph Counsell left the scene of the accident in his 2003 Honda Civic. Judging from the damage that he did to the above vehicle, it looks like Counsell was pretty impaired. Judging from his mugshot (below) we aren't all that surprised.

So the Police found his car, with the airbags deployed. Despite having the residue from the deployed airbags all over his face, he denied driving the vehicle. Oh Joseph, it was a good effort, but this is just ridiculous.

New Bedford Police

He refused to take a breath test and will face a 180 day suspension of his driver's license for his refusal, police said.

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