Lots of us read with horror, the details surrounding the death of 9 month old Ariel Eluziario. But as of today, the person accused of beating her to death has been officially charged with murder as the charges were upgraded.

Ethen Harrison admitted “forcefully picking the baby up” off the floor, causing her head to snap forward. He allegedly threw the baby on the bed so hard she bounced off, falling 4 feet to the floor, hitting her head again. Harrison then shook the baby and slapped her three times around the mouth and two times on the side of the face, according to court documents. The baby suffered retinal hemorrhaging behind both eyes, a large blood clot on the right side of the brain and several bruises, again according to court documents.

All of us no doubt are completely disturbed by this story, especially those of us who have children. We can only hope that there is some closure for all involved sometime soon.

[Southcoast Today]