New Bedford police may have solved at least 10 break-ins with the arrest of 36-year-old Chad Clayton.   Police believe Clayton is responsible for up to 10 break-ins in New Bedford and 10 more in other areas.

The break-ins are so-called "smash and grab" breaks, where a rock or hammer is used to smash the glass door of a business, then the robber enters the store, grabs items and takes off.    Among the break ins Clayton is accused of, are AT & T, Radio Shack and Expressions on Kings Highway, Advanced Auto Parts on Mt. Pleasant Street, Walgreen's and Cumberland Farms on Acushnet Ave, and Aaron's Rentals on Nauset Street.

It's also believed that Clayton and another man, Troy Avila robbed the AT & T Store in Wareham.  Meanwhile, Dartmouth police are investigating whether Clayton is responsible breaks in that town.