After four years of hard work, the class of 2015 is moving on from New Bedford High School.

A long line of students in crimson caps and gowns marched onto Walsh field Thursday evening, as proud parents snapped photos and cheered.

Honors student, Zachary Carneiro tells WBSM News that moving on from New Bedford High is a big step.

"It's just a gigantic family. Everybody is just one big group and everybody knows each other, and it's just a really big deal for all of us," Carneiro said before the ceremony.

While family members tied graduation balloons to Walsh Field's front gate (balloons weren't allowed in the ceremony), Mayor Jon Mitchell told graduates not to take too much credit.

"In time you will realize that your parents have always had your best interest at heart. They have supported you, they are so proud of you, and today they too deserve to take a bow," Mayor Mitchell said during his ceremony speech.