Living in New Bedford,  in buildings that often have more than one story and families living within, it's important to have a fire safety plan. It could save your life, and  the city's Fire Department wants to help and is holding an open house from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Tuesday night at Fire Station 2 on 868 Pleasant St.

This years open house is sponsored by Papa Gino's and Fire Department's Student Awareness of Fire Education Program, is geared toward teaching families fire safety and prevention practices. October is National Fire Safety Month.

The theme for this year is knowing "Two Ways Out" of a residence or business. Take a tour of the Bristol County Fire Safety Trailer, tour the station and receive safety tips such as "stop, drop and roll,"  and more. Also learn how to plan escape routes, how to crawl safely through a smoke-filled room and escape ladder safety.

So if you have the chance, get the family together and head down for this special event! not only special but very improtant too. Also Papa Gino's will have pizza for you too! For more information  Capt. Brian J. Arruda NBFD at 508-858-6324.