It wasn't for a traffic stop thank goodness, but I recently ran into a New Bedford police officer in the parking lot of a convenience store.  He said he had seen one of my videos for Route 44 Scion.  I said it seems the cops could use some updated cruisers.  The officer told me that the Crown Vic he was driving was a combination of a 2001 and 2002 that had been welded together.   With the exception of a couple of later model Ford Explorers the department has, most of the fleet consists of these out of date cars that look like they are on their last leg.  I live in the city and pay a hefty property tax.  Mayor Mitchell and city councilors who are reading this, don't you think our officers deserve better?   I question the safety of these dinosaurs at high speeds.  And how much are the repair costs after all those miles?   Have you seen the cruisers in Fall River?  Late model Caprices that are built exclusively for police agencies.   How much longer are you going to let our public safety officers cruise our streets in these old beaters?