[[Chase]],flickr[/caption]I recently had the pleasure of meeting Cindy Sigler.  Cindy is a teacher of 9th and 10th graders at Global Learning Charter Public School in New Bedford.  

She dropped off a large envelope of hand made cards and large colorful snowflakes made by her students.   The cards will go to the people of Newtown, Connecticut as part of the "To Newtown, With Love" initiative.

Over the weekend I ran into another staff member of GLCPS, who told me more about Cindy's students.   During the holiday season, the classes have collected winter coats and delivered them to the YWCA.  They also collected toiletries and baby items for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  And as soon as they heard about the cards being collected for the residents of Newtown, they began making their  own cards and snowflakes.

I was told that Cindy and her students keep their community activities under the radar.   And I also know there are many other teachers and students in the area who do very nice and thoughtful things for the people of our community as well.  I think that they all should be saluted and given our words of gratitude and appreciation.