The weather is starting to heat up, which means everyone is starting to prepare for the summer season in New Bedford and beyond. 

While most have to go far to find a sandy beach to relax the summer days away on, we here on the Southcoast just have to step out of our front door - for the most part. If you are fortunate enough to live within walking distance of a local beach, this is good for you, but some of us have to drive in and park our cars. If you're curious about pricing for our Southcoast beaches, we have put together a handy guide for you.

New Bedford


We have both East and West Beach in New Bedford, and it makes it very easy for City residents to enjoy some fun in the sun. While you are down along East Rodney French Boulevard driving by East Beach, you could continue on till you hit West Beach right on the other side.

New Bedford residents can enjoy going to this beach for the entire summer season, and it will only cost them $5. If you are a non-city resident you have to pay per day, and that will cost a tourist $15. Residents can also pay per day at the rate of $1 per visit.

The beach parking permits can be purchased at Elm Street Garage in Downtown New Bedford, or right at the parking lots at the beaches from an attendant.


There are a few spots to enjoy the ocean in Fairhaven, MA. Best of all, some of them are even free to park. So where can you find these beaches?


Fort Phoenix (pictured above), a State Park in Massachusetts is free to go to, and has a half mile of Buzzards Bay beach front for you to enjoy while you go. There are even some public tennis courts, if you're feeling extra active. On a hot day, it could be a bit busy, so go at your own risk of not being able to find parking.

Another free beach in Fairhaven in located right off Sconticut Neck Rd. This hidden gem is called Pope Beach, and is primarily enjoyed by the residents of the town. It's directly down Manhattan Ave, and tucked away at the end. While parking is free, it is also limited.

If you are a resident of Fairhaven, you can simply get a permit to enjoy West Island town beach, but it will cost you. A season pass for residents is $30, $6 per day (for vehicle) and $3 per day (to walk in). Non-residents can also go here, for a little bit more. A season pass costs $100, or $20 per day (for vehicle) $10 (to walk in).

Fall River


One of the biggest beaches in the area is in between New Bedford and Fall River in Westport, MA. We are talking about Horseneck Beach, and it is a State Park. While it's not free to park, it will only cost you $7 per visit to bring your car in. Massachusetts residents can get a season pass for all parks (Horseneck included) for $35 for the entire year.

With two miles of Beach to enjoy, you can guess why this is one of the most popular places in our area, and all of Massachusetts. If one day isn't what you're looking fro you can even camp near Horseneck, and it's located right near the beach.



Dartmouth residents are pretty spoiled when it comes to beaches. Most of them require you to be a resident of the town, and Round Hill Beach is one of the best in the area. There's a stiff price for this premiere beach, and it costs $35 for residents to obtain a season pass.

There is a break for Senior Citizens, who will only pay $25 for the season. This pass will get you access to all of the town facilities, with Round Hill Beach included.