A new ballot question may be set to shows its face in Massachusetts this coming November.

The 33-year-old anti-litter law may be expanded to all kinds of bottled and canned drinks in Massachusetts if voters so choose.

On the next ballot, which comes out in November, one of the questions may be to include all bottled and canned drinks into the anti-litter law which environmentalists have been trying to push since the 1970's.

If put on the ballot, voters would get to decide if the law should include all bottled water, sports drinks, and other noncarbonated drinks, which, apparently, make up about 40% of all drinks sold in MA.

Julie Thurston, Getty Images

The issue with this is that legislators fear that they will lose the ability to shape the legislation if put before voters.

Another issue is the fear that this will raise the price of beverages and thus create an inefficient way of recycling.

Polls show that about three quarters of registered voters in MA support the expansion of the bottle law.

Lawmakers have met with several special interests groups to discuss the pros and cons of this issue.

The final decision of whether or not it should be on the ballot will have to be made by July 2nd.

I can definitely see its pros and cons so I guess we'll have to just wait and see what our lawmakers decide!