Do you have a little Van Gogh at home? Or maybe a mini Picasso? Monet, possibly? Well, we have a bunch of new ways to showcase your kids' masterpieces at home!

TSM/Michael Rock

I got this drawing (pictured above) from my son a few years ago when he was in pre-school. It is one of my most prized possessions. I think it truly captures the silliness and fun of our relationship when he was 3 years old. There are so many pieces of artwork that the kids bring home. What can a parent do with all of these projects? has quite the list of creative ways to display your little monster's art work so it looks as if you just picked it up from the Louvre.

Some of the DIY (Do It Yourself) methods they suggest include:

  • Hanging similar framed pieces together to create a "theme".
  • Using magnetic frames on the fridge to surround the artwork.
  • Using monogrammed bulletin boards so anyone that visits can identify which child did what piece.
  • Tracing the child's drawing onto a kitchen towel and hanging it on the oven.
As if you weren't proud already, now you can make their artwork pop even more and you can treasure it for much longer!

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