It was a Thanksgiving they'll never forget.  Needham firefighters responded to a house fire only to find one of Hollywood's leading funnymen standing on the front lawn.  Will Ferrell was visiting family and enjoying some turkey when a kitchen towel caught on fire after coming in contact with a candle.  The towel was prematurely tossed in the trash, causing a larger fire to erupt. 

Needham firefighters that arrived on the scene were able to douse the fire in less than half and hour, but admitted to being a bit "star struck" when they realized Ferrell was standing outside.  A few of the guys told Ferrell's wife that they were big fans, so she retrieved him to take some photos.  The firefighters told him that they had just watched Ferrell's latest movie, "The Campaign", earlier that afternoon.

Have you ever had a celeb sighting while you were at work?