Today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

Below is a photo of my kitty Jack dressed as an elf from Christmas 2012.  This was my first time trying costumes on my cats, but the others were NOT having it...Jack was the only one to cooperate.

Now, before you start thinking, hey Loren, your cat looks like he hates his life.  Yeah, I know...I took the elf suit off immediately after I took this picture, because I didn't want him to be uncomfortable for any more than a minute.

That's the key to dressing up pets...some pet outfits are adorable, but clearly going to be super uncomfortable for your pet.  You don't want to make your pet uncomfortable or even worse, put them in an unsafe costume, where there is potential for them to hurt themselves.

Try to incorporate toys and treats while you have them in costume, and try to take them out of the costume as soon as possible.  If they are just all around not having it, it might just be best to skip dressing up your pet this time around.  There's always next year!  :)

By the way, Jack and my other three kitties are totally spoiled and, as my husband says, "hit the jackpot" when I adopted them.  The Elf suit was just a one time thing.