Last week we told you about our co-worker Colleen sighting of mysterious, unexplained lights over the north end of New Bedford one evening.  She told us that she saw several of the objects hovering in one spot before they disappeared into the clouds.  Another person we know quite well actually showed us a short video of the lights.

In the meantime, we received an email from Tracy.  She said "I just wanted to let you know a little tidbit on a story you were talking about last week."   Tracy went on to explain that the 8 red lights over the city last Wednesday were from her, her dad and her sister.   She said her mom passed away 2 years ago, and every year since, they set off Chinese Lanterns from Fort Phoenix in Fairhaven.

"On that particular night," Tracy added "the wind was blowing towards New Bedford so that is what everyone was seeing.   I just wanted to clear up the story."

Thank you Tracy.  Sounds like a nice way to remember your mom.   No UFO's, but an interesting story anyway.