I was rooting for him from his first audition, but last night my favorite singer on The Voice was let go from Team Adam. 

He had the looks and the voice, but it is a tough year on NBC's The Voice with a ton of super talented singers on the show. So sad, but true Jake Barker did not make it past the playoffs for Team Adam. Even after singing his own coach's song!

But Team Adam is still extremely strong. I really wasn't surprised he didn't take Jake to the live shows. But his top pick for the next round may be my new favorite to win it all.

Christina Grimmie is a small girl with a big voice and her cover of Jason Mraz "I Won't Give Up" was just plain incredible. I am a huge Mraz fan, so singing his song and making it sound so amazing may be swaying my vote her way.

Of course Team Usher still has their playoff round to get through tonight, so you never know when a new favorite might jump out at me.

Either way things should get very good when the Top 12 go to the live shows next week!