This week has been crazy. Another terrorist attack right in our backyard up in Boston at the Marathon on Patriot's Day, and to find out the bomber they were looking for went to school at UMass Dartmouth is just insane to even comprehend. After last night's successful capture of the bomber that will not be named by this D.J., I have decided to make a song for those affected.

It's tough trying to piece all the audio recorded this past week to something that'll collectively make its own message, but I think I accomplished that.

We'll be playing this in honor of the 3 bomb victims, the assassinated transit officer, and the 180 injured from the blast on FUN 107.

You can also hear the Boston Marathon tribute song below. I've never been happier to be an American. Thank you to all the law enforcement agencies. We are one. We are Boston. God Bless America.