Since the ALS Ice Bucket challenge has just started to sweep the nation, no matter who you are, its pretty likely that you will be nominated.

My wife and I have both been nominated multiple times each and while I'm holding out to do mine in January, she finally succumbed to the requests. The best part about her attempt, though, has to be the fact that one of the people she decided to turn around and challenge is known other than our three year old son, John.

John was initially thrilled to be nominated and be filmed. He got a bit skittish when he found out the water was warm though. He's a cool water kind of guy. After trying to make a run for it, Deb got him to come back over by convincing him the ice cubes would cool it down.

Finally, she splashed him with the bucket and the challenge was completed. He took it like an absolute champ. That's my boy! Always making us proud and letting us dump water on him.