Despite the best efforts, sometimes even the biggest of stars can wear the worst of outfits. No one likes to end up on the worst dressed list, but after last night's Met Gala red carpet these ladies made mine.

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    Anna Wintour

    The Vogue magazine editor is supposed to be on the cutting edge of fashion, but the dress she wore last night was anything but fashionable to me. The pattern was a little to childish and busy for my taste and her hair didn't really go with the dress either. And considering she recently put Kim and Kanye on the cover of her magazine, her judgement may need to be called into question on all things.

    Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
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    Zoe Saldana

    Usually I like Zoe Saldana, I think she's got great fashion sense. But nothing about this dress works for me. The skirt looks like it needs to be hemmed and the top looks like a bathing suit. I just don't get it.

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    Katie Holmes

    Katie looks like a drunk, slutty Belle from Beauty and the Beast in this dress. It's just too poofy, the top looks too big like it could just slip down at any moment and the messy morning after hair just adds to the disheveled look. Not her best effort

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    Lupita Nyong'o

    She was the awards season darling who seemed to never wear the wrong thing. I was right on board the Lupita train as she wore fantastic dress after fantastic dress, but last night the train came to a screeching halt. Her Indian-flapper combo wasn't really doing anything for me. I like Beyonce's 20's inspired outfit much more!

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    Kate Upton

    Seriously? What is happening here? I have almost no words for this outfit. I truly hate everything about it. It's crazy see-through over her chest and crotch, then an explsion of doilies from the knees down. And the grandma from Little Red Riding Hood hat isn't doing much either. I really don't know what she was seeing when she put this on.

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