It's been the kind of weekend that is perfect for cleaning. So if you've been straightening up around the house perhaps you have tackled a chore that I personally hate.

In all honesty, I actually enjoy cleaning. Putting things back where they belong, having drawers of clean clothes or just giving the house a good vacuuming can really help put a stressful day back in order or make me feel like I've accomplished something even if I've been pretty lazy all day.

But there is one chore that I avoid at all costs. And that is ironing. I hate ironing!


I'm pretty sure I don't like it because I'm so darn bad at it. I just don't have the patience to do it correctly and then I get upset when I've bothered to iron something that still looks un-ironed. It's a vicious cycle really.

But it seems I may not be the only one lacking these skills. Cause P& actually has a page dedicated to ironing. They call it Ironing 101 and its a class I need to take!

They go over step by step how to iron pants, dress shirts and even sheets (do people really iron their sheets?)

It's awesome.

And it's not their only "class." You can learn how to fold anything, how to organize your refrigerator, how to clean a ceiling fan and so much more!

So if this is the time of year that you go for that big cleaning, this seems like a site you might want to check out before you start. And even if you're not going crazy with clean, you might be surprised at their suggestions for making your least favorite chore that little bit easier.