You may have heard that I seriously love broadcasting live and being outdoors while doing it. and today is a day I have been looking forward to for weeks! The day that I get to hang out all afternoon long at Jerry Remy's in Fall River!

Yes, I am literally writing this while sitting on the deck overlooking the cove and enjoying a delicious burger at Jerry Remy's. Yep, life is good! And you can enjoy the food and view all summer long too!

TSM/Chris Arsenault

Remy's outdoor deck/patio is now open! I say deck/patio cause you are in fact getting both. When you step out the backdoor of Jerry Remy's you hit the wooden deck complete with awning and four big screen TVs.

And a couple step down leads you to the brick patio with umbrells over the tables and misting fans that give you a light refreshing spray of water while you sip a beverage or two and enjoy the view!

And the view is fantastic! Boats have been passing by all afternoon.

But even if you're not as into eating outdoors as I am, Remy's has a LOT to offer. The

TSM/Chris Arsenault

inside features some of the comfiest booths I ever put my butt on and the wall over the bar is ALL TVs! Yes, wall-to-wall screen that looks like it can play one game for everyone to see, or dozens of different games.

Even the bathrooms are designed for your viewing pleasure. Of course being called Jerry Remy's, it's all about the sports and they don't want you to miss a moment of the action! Guys you've got screens above the urinals (so I've been told) and in both bathrooms there's screens built into the mirrors over the sink!

It's all just so cool!

And definitely the perfect place to watch a game with friends. Or just sit outside and watch some boats go by, like I'm getting to today!