If you're like me, you may go through life a bit jaded. After all, it seems like everywhere we look today people have a me-first attitude as they push their way to the front of the line, park in spaces reserved for the disabled, or simply show no regard or compassion for others. But a video I watched today reminded me that there just might be hope for humanity after all.

Across the pond in Yorkshire, a boy named Mushy has struggled his entire life with a horrible stammer, much like the one depicted in the wonderful film The King's SpeechSimilar to the film, It wasn't until a teacher decided to have Mushy try a trick that he had seen in the movie that the lad's life changed forever.

Before, anytime Mushy tried to read, he was practically incomprehensible in his speech, if he was able to say anything at all. Reading in class? Forget about it. No one would be able to understand him.

Then educator Matthew Burton told Mushy to slip ear buds into his ears and listen to music while he read. The transformation that takes place is almost magical! Suddenly, the boy that was nearly rendered mute could read aloud, and it is one of the most beautiful and inspiring things I've ever seen.

What really impressed me, however, is that during a school assembly Mushy wanted to read a letter of thanks to his teachers and classmates. Everyone kind of held their breath at first, but Mushy made it through using the trick he had learned and suddenly the room was brought to tears. The empathy, compassion, and kindness demonstrated by Mushy's peers is so touching and lovely, I know it will inspire you too.

By the time I finished watching this video, I was a bit of a wreck, I must admit. I love teachers, and have had my own champions throughout the course of my academic career. So I know how much the teachers' perseverance meant to Mushy. Perhaps this video will inspire you to keep going too, reminding you to never to give up on our youth, or on each other.