Most couples save a copy of their wedding invitation, but one NFL star is sending out invites that everyone will want to keep.

I'm kind of surprised Kim and Kanye didn't think of this first, but Keyshawn Johnson is sending out pre-programmed iPad 4's to tell friends and family about his wedding day details.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Next month the former player and current announcer will wed his longtime girlfriend and mother of his two kids, Jennifer Conrad. (congrats to the couple!)

TMZ has learned that several guests already received their epic invites that when turned on give them not only date and time of all the wedding events, but also a photo gallery, guestbook and countdown to the big day. They also made shopping easier for everyone with their registry included right on the iPad too!

It's a baller move that most of us couldn't afford for our big day, but it is nice to see someone being so generous on their big day.

What do you think of the iPad invitations...