You hear that annoying buzz in your ear, and you raise your hand to smack a mosquito. You could be avoiding a serious disease in the process.

According to our sister station WBSM, some mosquitos were found in New Bedford carrying the West Nile virus. Some were also found in Fall River. So is it time to panic, or just load up on some major insect repellant?

The city of New Bedford wil be taking care of the problem, that was discovered in the West End, by spraying the area on early Friday morning. At that time, they are asking residents to stay inside, close their windows and keep pets inside as well.

Some ways to take precautions against West Nile:

  • Avoid being outdoors between dusk and dawn
  • Get rid of any standing water
  • If you are outdoors, try and wear long sleeve shirts and pants
  • Use insect repellant with plenty on DEET