How many gadgets remain popular for nearly 100 years?    The light bulb, but that's due to necessity.   Over the weekend, the History Channel did a countdown of the top 101 gadgets that changed the world.  

To no shock, the smartphone came in at number one because it combines many of the other great gadgets of all time.   What was number 2 on the list?   Radio.   The first commerical radio station went on the air over 92 years ago.

Today, more people listen to radio than ever, an estimated 265 million Americans listen each week.   On the list of the best gadgets of all time, radio is ahead of the light bulb, television, the personal computer, the air conditioner and yes, even duct tape.  How about that.   One more fact:  Despite all the sources out there, radio is still by far the number one influence on the music people choose to buy.

Thank you so much for listening.