Waffle is a 35-pound Sulcata Tortoise, a species that originates in the African desert.  Last Thursday, the animal broke though the screen of an open sliding glass door at the Kennedy family's home in Somerset.  

From there, Waffle travelled through a yard and made his way to County Street.  A woman from Virginia stopped to make sure no one hit the tortoise as it crossed the busy street.  A witness said another couple came along, put Waffle in their car and drove off.

Elise Kennedy and her family put flyers throughout the area in hopes the tortoise would be returned.   She also contacted NBC 10 in Providence to tell them their story.  She said that the animal needed special care, a healthy diet, and lots of attention.

It turns out that the tortoise was with a man and his girlfriend who lived not far from the Kennedys on County Street.   He was returned to them on Monday night.   The family says they are grateful for the good care that was given to Waffle by the couple.