After the performance that Miley Cyrus gave during the 2013 MTV Music Awards, one of the little people dancers named Hollis accused Miley of exploiting little people and Miley took to Twitter, as she always does, to throw that accusation out the window.

After the infamous Miley Cyrus performance on the 2013 MTV Music Awards, Hollis, who was one of the little people dancers, said she ran off stage shaking and crying, but this reaction didn't come from a positive place. Instead, Hollis felt truly ashamed of being a little person and she will never forget that performance because it has forced her to draw a personal line.

Hollis felt as if she was being used as a joke to society. But wait, I have to step back for a moment and think about all the dress rehearsals that Hollis had to of had, which leads me to believe she knew what she was going into in advance to the actual airing of the show. So, why didn't she back out prior? Why did only start to feel this way after the performance was done? Hmmmm and it seems as if some of the other little people dancers have come to Miley's defense against Hollis.

Jordanna James said Miley isn't using anyone, she supports all shapes and sizes and wants to embrace diversity. Jordanna goes on to say, this is why she loves Miley, she's giving everyone an opportunity and as you can see in the picture below that Miley posted via Twitter, Miley seems to have nothing but love for her little people dancers.