In the follow up to her big hit "We Can't Stop", Miley Cyrus is back with her new single "Wrecking Ball." It's the second release from her upcoming album "Bangerz", which will hit stores in October. 

In the new music video, directed by Terry Richardson, Miley opens the video very emotional. The message of the song is also pretty heavy. However, as the video goes on, it's just more Miley seeking attention.

Her signature look these days is being in a short tank-top and what look to be white panties. In parts of the music video she doesn't even have that on. While no actual nudity is shown, much like the "Stay" video from Rihanna, little is left to the imagination.

Miley's other signature these days is her tongue. In this, her tongue meets with a sledgehammer, for some reason. We aren't quite sure what they were going with on that one.