Miley Cyrus has always been in it for her fans and while she responds to one fans prom date invite, parents all around can be happy to know she is banning twerking from her "Bangerz" tour

Miley Cyrus officially brought the dance move called "twerking" to an up rise and she doesn't regret it but is fearful that her twerking may overshadow her talented voice and has chosen to ban twerking from her upcoming "Bangerz" tour which is due to take on February 14th. Miley recently reached out to her fans saying they can expect her tour to be more of an art education for her fans, but from the pictures below which she released as a teaser on her Instagram account we can tell that some twerking might still slip in here and there when Miley is in the performance mode.



In other Miley news, she decided to answer to one fan's prom date invite via Twitter.


Matt Peterson from Arizona uploaded a viral video of him wearing nothing but a crawled foam finger and begging Miley to go to prom him but because Miley will be on tour in Amsterdam she decided to invite Matt to meet her at her concert show when she comes to Arizona.