After tornadoes tore up much of the plains states on Sunday, on Monday things weren't any better as a mile-wide tornado struck just outside of Oklahoma City. 

CBS News

Update 8:28pm -- The AP reports that the death toll has been calculated at 37 people. An elementary school took a direct hit, but no word on if any of the victims were children. They expect the death toll to rise.

Multiple sources are saying that hospitals near Moore, Oklahoma are reporting several tornado related deaths. CBS News reports that experts estimated that winds from this tornado got up to speeds to 200 mph. The area that it hit has been totally destroyed.

Other sources say that at first it was supected that the tornado was only a half-mile-wide, but it was confirmed around 6 pm Monday night that it was a mile-wide. They are also reporting that this tornado is three times worse than the tornadoes of 1999.