She sounds brave to me, but Mila Kunis says she will be all natural when it comes to giving birth. And she knows what she'll be having.

Mila stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday and clearly there's no hiding that she is pregnant.

The actress talked about pregnancy cravings and how fiance Ashton Kutcher has stocked their fridge with all sorts of weird things just in case she gets a craving for them. One food that ended up coming in handy was sauerkraut, something she's said she's been eating a lot of lately.

She also told Ellen that her birth with be all natural!

Sounds brave to me, I feel like I'd most definitely want an epidural. But Mila says the hospital she'll be at has a midwife and she's going to be as all natural as she can be, barring any type of emergency.

As for the sex of the baby and baby name? She and Ashton are keeping that one close to the vest.

She more of her interview with Ellen below...