Cancer has unfortunately been a part of some of our lives. Friends, family, and people that we see on a regular basis are all affected. With Sharon's Walk coming up on Sunday, and with Breast Cancer Awareness Month kicking off next month. FUN 107 has decided to put together a "Message Of Hope."

Sharon Fogaren, who was part of the FUN 107 Morning Show until she passed away in 2009, was originally coordinating "Elaine's Walk," for breast cancer survivors and those who were in their own battle of cancer. Now three years later, FUN 107 along with Southcoast Hospitals Group have brought everyone together to bring awareness to breast cancer, and raise money for the Southcoast Centers For Cancer Care.

It can be sometimes overwhelming, dealing with cancer. Some people push others away, and some try to stay as positive as they can. If you or someone you know is dealing with cancer, remember that you are not alone.

Take a moment and watch FUN 107's Message Of Hope video and we look forward to seeing all the walkers this Sunday at Sharon's Walk.

If you have "Messages Of Hope" for those suffering with cancer, please leave a comment below and share it on your Facebook page with your FUN 107 family.